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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze. >> developing news we just learned stunning new information about the rohnert park murder suspect killed by police. terry mcsweeney is fliest tenderloin. >> reporter: first of all his name, 41-year-old dennis hughes shot by police was the prime
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suspect in the murder of his own mother. he was found beaten to death he lived with her. she wanted to him move out and he killed her and came to his girlfriend's house. here is what happened next. >> i heard about three or four gunshots. >> james jackson lives two doors down where the homicide suspect was shot and killed. they evacuated his building after investigators came under fire and called for becomeup. a neighbor took this picture from the roof of jackson's apartment building, used by san francisco pd to kill the suspect. >> the suspect fires within the apartment. at this point the incident commander made the decision there was immediate danger to life or serious injury or other tenants in the building. >> josh hall lives below the
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apartment where the suspect fired at police and fired at all directions including the ceiling. >> i saw bullet holes in the ceiling and walls that is correct would be different. >> homicide rohnert park police was discovered tuesday morning. diana hughes found dead of blunt force trauma and that case may have been resolved last night. >> suspect was neutralized and is dead at this time. >> reporter: the man killed, dennis hughes the dead woman's son. he himself dead killed by san francisco police in a hood how the. they are going to be having a news conference a few blocks away from where the shooting took place. that will be streamed live at if you want to see the full explanation and they are bringing in some cardboard, possibly having documentation
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and diagrams of what went down. that will be at terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." >> antioch police have made a major marijuana bust. they claim the suspects were stealing power from the pg&e lines. there was two places. in the second place, they found a large scale indoor pot grow with 836 marijuana plants. they arrested 34-year-old man and 25-year-old brian lloyd on various charges and they say the suspects stole $25,000 worth of power. a marin county teenager accused in a double shooting and expense active sport car theft. katie, police say this is 17-year-old is a sophisticated
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criminal. >> reporter: interesting you should say that because the defense attorney said this was a sophisticated case. that is why he and the prosecutors decided that the defendant did not need to enter a plea today, they continued and the defense was wants to have the trial moved to juvenile court. this is max wade and i can tell you he does not look like this any longer. we were allowed to bring our camera into court this morning but we were not allowed to get any video of the defendant. i can tell you now he has jet black hair and a black beard. he is charged with two counts of attempted murder for shooting at two people at a car and vehicle theft and commercial burglary for stealing a lamborghini last year. he has been charged as an adult. his attorney told us that he is
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not going reveal his other she filing to move it to juvenile court. i asked him about his state of mind. >> i don't want to comment. his family loves him and supports him and misses him. >> reporter: if convicted, 17-year-old max wade faces 30 years to life in prison. in court this morning they did agree to move to the next trial date to june 20th. that is when made may enter a plea in this case. it appears the monterey county sheriff's office has reached a dead end in the two year investigation into a major art heist in pebble beach. there has been no arrests around the investigation is being suspended. someone stole 80 paintings worth
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$60 million from a pebble peach home. investigators say there was no evidence of fraud. >> right now in santa clara they are digging through a rubble of a massive fire that forced a number of evacuations last night and destroyed a lot of property. amy hollyfield is at the scene. any clues as to the cause yet. >> not yet. investigators are still here. you can see hem behind me but they are working on the actual fire. we saw them putting water again on the ho9d spots here. you can see the piles of debris are still smoldering. 13 hours after the fire started. >> they heard a loud boom when the huge fire erupted just after 10:00 last night. they say the fire was huge and scary. >> it was extremely hot. like i said the fire was very hot and sparks were shootings.
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>> the homes that were building in santa clara were under construction and empty. too firefighters were very worried about the occupied buildings surrounding the fire. >> we were able to get a large amount of water. >> residents did what they could to help. >> my grandmother, my roof was wood. >> firefighters went to a fifth alarm in order to try to save the buildings around the fire. two townhome units why damaged but the buildings are still intact. >> mute a.m. aid system worked as it is supposed to. >> now the focus is to found a cause. investigators started early this morning to find what happened to
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start this fire. they are working to try to get evacuated residents back into their homes. >> we restoring the fire alarm system and water system so they can hopefully return later today. >> you are looking at scott boulevard. this is the busy street that runs in front of the complex. northbound lanes are still closed because the fire trucks are still parked here as they work on their investigation, something to keep in mind. it is causing some confusion. i spoke with the builder. he says he doesn't even know what possibly caused it. he is also waiting to hear from investigators. >> new details on president obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage. how the presidential announcement is turning into a financial windfall. >> bart's board of directors is
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meeting right now to decide who will build the next fleet of cars. concerns about terrorism could put the deal on hold.
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at hollywood home of george clooney. that event has raised a record of $15 million. here is more from the exclusive interview this morning. >> his announcement may not have shocked anymore but it was still a major moment. >> i think same-sex couples should get married. >> in an interview, he described his thought process on same-sex marriage as an evolution. it came after many conversations with his staff, friends and family. that includes his two young daughters who the president said have friends that have parents as same-sex couples. >> frankly, that is the kind of things that prompts a change of perspective. >> the president acknowledged that his announcement was set up by vice president biden's statement on sunday, that he is
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comfortable with same-sex couples marrying. >> it probably got over his speech, out of generosity of spirit. >> americans have also evolved on this issue. more than 50% of americans say same-sex marriage should be legal, but there is a significant generational divide. most americans under the age of 40 support same-sex marriage. most over 65 oppose it. there is a racial gap, too. majority of whites support it and majority of african-americans oppose. mitt romney reiterated his own opposition. >> i believe marriage is relationship between a man and woman. >> right now 30 states have constitutional amendments or laws banning same-sex marriage. states should decide how to handle the issue but romney also supports the amendment banning gay marriage. >> they don't expect it to be a major factor in the presidential
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race, not with americans so concerned about the economy. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> let's open the weather window some of the haze that is hanging around. definitely going to be warm enough the next couple of days. i'll show you the high temperatures. >> and bike to workday today. we'll hear from one local lawmaker that hopped on two wheels for the very first time. d
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a college student has died from meningitis. health officials don't know how she contracted that disease. there haven't been any other cases report. chancellor says the family was with her when she died. they have scheduled a memorial service in los altos. >> a wrench has been thrown into the bart plan into which agency will build the new fleet of cars. we have learned one board member
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wants to restart the process allowing bart to consider purchasing cars that will be better able to withstand a terror attack. the effort could delay the process because the explosion containment technology is at least five years away. they are considering to give it to a canadian company but it's under attack among groups that want more of the work done in the u.s. >> they are ditching their cars and public transportation and instead they are using paled power. several bicyclists could be found on marketstreet. a celebration took place outside city hall. it's more popular than ever with a 70% increase in last five years.
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>> i guess my one question, i need someone to teach me how to ride a bike. can i find somebody to do that? >> that celebration continues with a party hosted by the san francisco bicycle coalition. it starts at a public works club a supervisor went for a tandem. >> perfect day. >> the draw back, there is a lot of pollen out there. a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures. coming up on 11:20 a lot of sunshine as we look from south beach. a little hazy out there. the pollen in the air and moisture and a little bit of pollution. look how gorgeous it is in santa cruz and clouds are moving away from the beach. you see the smart people they
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got umbrellas out. they are ready for the strong sunshine. let's take a look our temperatures. what you are going to see is a little bit of spread from inland areas out to the coast where we're still in the 50s in some areas. that would be down around the monterey bay, half moon bay is at 62. mid to upper 50s in a lot of areas. 70s inland, fairfield and concord and antioch and livermore. monterey bay, santa cruz and monterey both at 54. sunshine has pushed salinas into the low to mid-50s. sunshine everywhere and warmer around the coast today. mostly clear but not quite as cool tonight. few clouds around the coast. sunny and warm for mother's day. 6 degrees warmer in san jose. five in oakland and san francisco. hayward, 73. that is four degrees warmer. santa rosa is 84, two degrees warmer.
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danville, sharp temperature drop. low to mid 80s in the south bay. cupertino at 82 degrees. 70 in palo alto. 72 in millbrae. low to mid 60s around the coast. on the bay side, slightly calmer and warmer. low to mid-50s along the beaches. 70 in san rafael. low to mid-80s in the valleys. oakland 75. fremont, 76. inland, low to mid-80s. we'll have the same temperatures in gilroy and hollister and eventually about 74 in monterey with sunshine. around the state. slightly cool around the central valley. warm spot, palm springs 102 today. heading to the a's game, it will be very nice night. 70 at first pitch dropping down
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to 62. tonight you see the clouds along the coast and everybody else pretty clear and low to mid-50s. seven-day forecast, slightly warmer everywhere tomorrow and through the weekend. we will see a few clouds develop at the coast probably every night at least through tomorrow night and thin we'll see more clouds during the day. temperatures will remain above average away from the coast monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. that is fantastic. >> some of forgotten music is resurfacing this weekend. >> don sanchez with a look at that in what's hot this weekend.
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today at 4:00, it's an attempt to crack down but you may be giving rights when you go with a paperless ticket. then apple makes an announcement about sweeping changes at its plant in china. >> this weekend, you can hear music from the days of the gold rush and meet visual artists in their own studios. ♪ >> music icon, valerie simpson pays tribute in the rrazz room. >> and live and well with a band. 24th edition on fourth street in san rafael on saturday.
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>> relive san francisco music in the days of gold rush. it's about a legacy in davies symphony hall. see artists where they create during marin open studios in southern marin. >> emotional and moving and unforgettable. at marine memorial theater. >> legacy of pat brown opens in santa cruz film festival. >> more events around the bay. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura one a tony. she makes her debut in venetian
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room. also the bay area teen idol winner opens the show from bay area cabaret on saturday night. >> lots to do. >> for mother's day, right? >> perfect. >> for awful us here. thanks so much for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day.
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